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  DU Depleted Uranium Poisoning  

WARNING: This channel requires adult supervision & contains graphic content that is VERY DISTURBING!

Updated statement on the alleged use of DU in Gaza

Depleted Uranium Poisoning
(aka "GULF WAR syndrome"):

Depleted-Uranium Tactical M900
In Iraq, new parents stopped asking if it's a boy or a girl. Now they just ask if it's normal. DU causes babies to be severely deformed in Afghanistan, Iraq - and when our troops come home they infect their wives (or anyone they have sex with). 200,000 AMERICAN troops are currently KNOWN to be infected and ALL FOUR US military forces use DU rounds (OUR soldiers handle these shells). Many "infected" babies in Afghanistan are born without arms (hands at shoulders) or legs (stumps) and are severely deformed - the DU babies in Iraq are indescribable.

WARNING: DU babies are precisely the reason why I started writing about politics. I won't apologize for speaking out - but I will apologize for what my country has done. We are definitely in the middle of a 3rd nuclear war - there is no doubt about it. I still cry EVERY time I see photos of DU babies because this war crime IS preventable and I know these are ONLY the FIRST symptoms of a 4,500,000,000 year nuclear disaster (and that's just the HALF-life of DU). If you are brave enough to look at the photos, you will undoubtedly be scarred for life.

We must insist that OUR war veterans are first told that their "gulf war syndrome" is actually a nasty combination of being poisoned with vaccines and by breathing depleted uranium dust and LOADING WEAPONS WITH DU ROUNDS. After they realize what is wrong, we must insist that OUR war veterans are properly treated for this affliction that was knowingly inflicted by war criminals who decided that nuclear waste should be fired, launched, and exploded by the ton in the Middle East (where American Soldiers have lived, slept, ate, drank, and breathed for the past 4 years). Anyone who has done any research on DU, also knows that many of OUR troops who faught in the Gulf War have spouses and new children who also are in desperate need of treatment for DU poisoning with which they were born (even people Gulf War Veterans dated even for just one night could be infected).



Depleted Uranium Documentary Movies

Gulf War Syndrome Beyond Treason The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, & the Dying Children


This is what Depleted Uranium Does to Babies

DU baby deformed head and eyes DU baby 2 heads DU baby no skull
DU baby Afghanistan balloon hands and feet DU baby Afghanistan no arms DU baby newborn
DU baby clay skin no eyes DU baby no brain
DU baby wide nose DU baby deformed nose
DU baby no skull DU baby deformed head
depleted uranium baby depleted uranium baby black face depleted uranium baby two heads
depleted uranium baby missing eye depleted uranium baby no feet depleted uranium babies
depleted uranium baby external organs depleted uranium baby external organs
depleted uranium baby bloated torso depleted uranium baby external organs
depleted uranium baby huge ass depleted uranium baby deformed butt
depleted uranium baby enlarged abdomen depleted uranium baby no toes

Depleted Uranium Does the SAME to War Veteran's Children

young soldiers handled DU munitions in ALL 4 Armed Forces,
breathed, ate, slept, lived in Depleted Uranium dust...

Remember "Gulf War Syndrome" ?

LIFE Has Our Country Abandoned Them? The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm

baby's first steps

DU Gulf War veteran baby no arms no feet

DU Gulf War veteran baby DU Gulf War veteran baby no arms Military Police DU Kids
DU Collateral Damage DU Gulf War veteran's children
DU Gulf War veteran child in wheelchair

End the War! We want the soldiers to return home TODAY!!


We are responsible for cleaning up this mess...


International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

Gulf War Illness & the Health of Gulf War Veterans

The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses was created by Congress in 1998, and first appointed by Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J. Principi in January, 2002. The mission of the Committee is to make recommendations to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on government research relating to the health consequences of military service in the Southwest Asia theatre of operations during the Persian Gulf War.

Gretel Munroe: Review

Review of the RAC report by the ICBUW Science Team



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