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What would life be like in a perfect world? We may never know - but we can sure try to find out. This channel has many ideas that can help mold a better world for everyone on earth. Engineers and technology have made our lives easier, and with a plan to move forward, we already have the technology to create a utopia where EVERYONE ON EARTH has clean air, pure water, green energy, plentiful food, adequate shelter, a college education, advanced health care, the liberty to live in our lives in peace, and the freedom to become whatever we want. What would life be like in a cleaner, greener utopia where greed, ignorance, and slavery have no place?


Zeitgeist Documentaries

Zeitgeist, the Movie Zeitgeist Addendum The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation

Official Zeitgeist Website

Zeitgeist movies are heavily banned on YouTube & more (which recently made them the most popular movies online + translated into several languages). I looked up the details, and everything they say seems to validate in mainstream, traditional resources, and encyclopedias (& is heavily blogged about) - but it's definitely NOT popular information. Zeitgeist does not change my ideals nor beliefs - but it is VERY INTERESTING & makes total logical sense/cents based on science and well-documented historical facts.

The first Zeitgeist movie released in June 2007 and the Zeitgeist Addendum released free online on October 4, 2008. Part 2 has some awesome info at the end (the Venus Project). You can download Zeitgeist for free and watch it for free because these movies were created for public use free of charge. Also check out the Zeitgeist Orientation, and Jacque Fresco's fascinating architecture in Future by Design.

Future by Design


They must find it difficult... Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as authority.
Official Selection - Winner best Feature Length Documentary
Zeitgeist Day March 15th, 2009
The Zeitgeist Movement


Carl Sagan The Cosmos



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